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Swanky Apps, are market leaders in the development and production of purpose built mobile apps for many small to medium sized businesses. We pride ourselves in providing a low cost, reliable and easy to use mobile communication platform.

With many years experience in app development we have built apps for a wide range of businesses with the common aim of providing the very best mobile experience for their customers.

The use of mobile phones is part of our every day lives and has already exceeded the use of laptop or desktop PC’s. People spend on average 2.5 hours a day on their mobile device and over 80% of that time is using apps instead of websites. If given a choice most people would prefer to use a mobile app than a website when using a handheld device.

A purpose built app will allow you to engage with your customers on a regular basis. You can instantly inform them of anything exciting such as offers, new products, special forthcoming events or even a promotion that you may be running.

All businesses need to provide a good mobile experience for their customers. By having the option to download your app on the home page of your website as well as links via social media will ensure you achieve continuous downloads thus building an audience that you can directly market to.

Our professional mobile apps are specifically designed with your business at its heart. They will allow you to provide incentives and build brand loyalty in order to create frequent buyers.

Our digital loyalty card allows you to incentivise your customers to make repeat purchases. Many businesses offer some form of loyalty system but have very little success. This is due to people either forgetting to carry their loyalty card or even losing it. As most people carry their phones 24/7 then having a loyalty card built into your app will ensure maximum useage.

Swanky apps have already built apps for many different clients ranging from Restaurants, Hair & Beauty Salons, Soft Play Centres, Sports Academies, Schools, Indoor Climbing Centres and many more.

With each app purchased also gets you accesses to our easy to use AMS “App Management System”. Our AMS provides access to the user area of your app allowing you to change, edit and update all of the tabs and content. As well as being able to make unlimited updates and chnages you will also be able to send unlimited push notifications that you can send for free over the network.

This allows you to keep your app up to date with all of the latest information and keeping your customers fully informed.

Many business owners are now turning to apps as their latest form of marketing. Our apps are low cost with a guaranteed return on investment. Our money back guarantee provides piece of mind for those who are new to this type of technology.

Get ahead of the game and don’t get left behind by your competitors. Contact Swanky Apps now and arrange an appointment with one of our sales representatives who can provide you with a free demo.

Call 0151 600 5499 or email info@swankyapps.co.uk

Our Apps link to all of your Social Media Platforms

Swanky Apps allows you to link your app to your Twitter feed to gain maximum exposure

Link your app to your Twitter feed to gain maximum exposure and downloads.
Swanky Apps allows you to link your app to your Facebook account and get all of your friends and followers connected

Link your app to your Facebook account and get all of your friends and followers to download it.
Swanky Apps Instagram feature

Link your app to your Instagram account and engage with other users to increase interest in your app.
Swanky Apps feature

Connect your YouTube channel with your app to bring in a feed of your videos for increased ‘likes’ and Subscribers.

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