3brecords Liverpool App

Each one of our apps is beautifully designed with high resolution graphics that work in harmony with your company branding.

3brecords Liverpool Mobile App

Our Apps have built in GPS directions to your business. This will guide new paying customers straight to your door.

3brecords Swanky App in Liverpool

We live in an age where people want quick and accurate information. Our apps will allow your customers to carry your business in their pocket at all times.

App Developers in Liverpool

Our Events tab allows your customers quick and easy access to your events adding them to their calendar with one click. Maximise the potential and drive up ticket sales.

Swanky Apps Liverpool

Our apps include simple to use enquiry and booking forms. People can complete the form in seconds and it gets delivered straight to your inbox.

Liverpool Mobile Apps

Our Apps link to all of your social media platforms. This allows dedicated customers to focus on your latest tweets or updates without the clutter of other companies fighting for their attention.


An app can greatly improve your music sales with in app purchasing and music player capabilities. People love to listen to music on the go and an app is the perfect solution to reach out to all those music fans.

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