Why your Business needs an App

Many people are now turning to mobile apps as their preferred choice for internet usage. Recent surveys all report the same story in that the mobile internet has overtaken the use of conventional PC’s dramatically.

When questioned, people explained that they preferred to use apps over websites because they are quick, efficient and very easy to use. Apps provide a much better user experience in so much that an app is a lot easier to navigate on a mobile phone than a website. Even though most websites are mobile friendly they don’t provide the ease of use and the quickness of an app.

Just think of some of the apps most people use on a daily basis. Social Media, Banking, News, Games and Shopping are all part of our everyday lives. However people are now turning to apps to stay in regular contact with their favourite businesses.

Most people will search on line using search engines such as Google to find a product or service. Once they hit your website it is essential to provide them with a good mobile experience or they will quickly go elsewhere. If you can provide them with the option to download your app with a link straight to the app store then you’re already on your way to building a huge customer base that you can market to.

A well developed mobile app for your business will help you convert your new website visitors into potential customers. The more customers who have downloaded your app can potentially lead to a lot more business as you can use your app to send push notifications direct to their phone.

Sending Push Notifications is free and removes the need for expensive text messaging services. You can use a Push Notification to send a simple message or you can link it to a specific tab or web page.

The info graphic below shows a huge increase in the amount of hours spent online using mobile phones or tablet PC’s. Further reports have analysed these statistics even further to show people are spending more time using apps over websites. In fact each person now spends 80% of their online time using apps over websites.

Swanky Apps can build you a demo app for your business completely free of charge and with no obligation to buy. This exciting revolution is the next big marketing platform for all businesses and is the very reason you need to jump on board with the next digital revolution.

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Click on our short video above to see why you need a mobile app for your business

Having a mobile app for your business is now absolutely essential should you wish to grow and stay in regular contact with your customers. Most business owners have a website but very few actually know how much revenue their website generates.

Swanky Apps Push notifications feature

Push Notifications
Send out push notifications to all the app users to notify them of some news about your business. An alert will display on all the app users phones instantly.
Swanky Apps event feature

Our event feature enables you to list upcoming and reoccurring events for your app users to see.
Swanky Apps Photo Gallery feature

Photo Gallery
Create your galleries with your photos and images for users to enjoy and show off what you offer.
Swanky Apps video feature

Add in a video feed to allow for ‘quick playing’ of multiple videos.
Swanky Apps social media integration

Social Media Integration
Link your app to your social media accounts to gain maximum exposure and downloads.
Swanky apps enables you to sell products

Sell products
Allow your app users to purchase produces directly from the app.
Swanky Apps quick contact

Quick Contact
‘One Touch’ for calling, directions, email and website.
Swanky Apps Booking Forms

Booking Forms
Allow your app users to sign up, book clubs, parties and sessions with an inbuilt booking form feature.
Swanky Apps price list and menus

Price Lists and Menus
Use your app to display your full price lists and menus.
Swanky Apps offers and promotions feature

Offers and Promotions
Use your app to send out information about your offers, discounts or promotions.
Swanky Apps - share your app

Share Your App
Everyone can share your app and help it GO VIRAL!!
Swanky Apps news feed feature

News Feed Stream
Display news instantly at the bottom of your mobile app to display a custom and engaging experience.

Our statistics below clearly demonstrate how apps are now the preferred choice over websites.

Swanky Apps infographics
Swanky Apps

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